HolliDance for Play Station

download HolliDancePS1 (version 1.0) (441k)

I used Sony's Net Yaroze Play Station developer's kit for the Play Station version of HolliDance. You had to have been a Net Yaroze member to run this version as Sony did not allow Net Yaroze programs to be compiled for standard Play Stations.

I compiled the Net Yaroze version of HolliDance for both NTSC (Japan and America) as well as PAL (Europe) Play Stations. Due to the large amount of data involved, HolliDance required a Code Warrior compatible loader.

I achieved my goal of 12 frames/sec with the Play Station. There were a few visual artifacts in Play Station rendering, but overall things worked out OK and I had a lot of fun developing for a real game console.


If you don't see an embedded movie above, click here to download the movie manualy(22,369k) and use VLC to view it.

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