SGI, Be OS, Play Station, Mac (OS8, OS9, and OSX), and Windows versions of HolliDance are now available!


One of my current projects involves programming as well as art. My original concept for HolliDance was a prerendered video. Back then it would have taken me years to develop and render the video. Later, I did render a short animation of HolliDance using ray tracing techniques for a photo realistic result.

I modified the realtime version of HolliDance to generate scripts for my ray tracing program to create a 128 second animation sequence. After three months of rendering on 2 Macintoshes, I transferred the 3840 frames to DV tape via a firewire card. The results were very nice.

I've included a couple of higher resolution photos from the video. You can also download the full video or a smaller MPEG1 version.

46k 51k

download (full size) RayDance.mp4 (103,184k)

download (small) RayDance.mpg (21,810k)

The old concept of fixed format video is becoming obsolete. Resolution independent, object oriented animation is the future. Modern console video game intro videos are often made in realtime using the game's graphics engine, yet they look pre-rendered. By designing HolliDance as a set of 3D objects and behaviors, it is automatically upward compatible with future improvements in rendering and display technology.

One of those improvements is the development of real time ray tracing. The new PC version of HolliDance can now ray trace on compatible graphics cards. The quality of rendering on these cards matches the look of my prerendered video!

In the HolliDance program, Holli dances to live music. I have simulated two live video cameras that roam her club while several spot lights play across her stage while she dances in sync to dance music.

HolliDance model

Holli is made of 58 seperate segments that were carefully designed to give the illusion of a solid model even when in motion. With HolliDance version 1.6 and higher, several segments bend in order to enhance the quality of her animation. A future version of Holli will be a single solid model that can bend more realistically.

52k 41k

Click here to see a Quick Time VR movie of my Holli model.

Animation samples

Here are a couple of sample animations of the realtime HolliDance program.

Click here to see a small Quick Time movie of Holli dancing.

Click here to see an animated GIF of Holli dancing.

Download HolliDance for your computer

The PC version of HolliDance is the most advanced. Read the user manual here..

Follow one of these links for HolliDance information on various computers. Her program runs anywhere you place it and does not put anything in your operating system.

[Windows] [Silicon Graphics] [Macintosh] [Mac OS X] [Be OS] [Sony Play Station] [XBox 360]

HolliDance extras

I have made a large model kit. This kit contains smoother versions of the models, but with about four times the polygon count, only fast 3D graphics cards will render these models quickly. The large model set only slows rendering down around 10% for the ray tracing PC version of HolliDance.

Note: HolliDance version 1.5 or higher is needed to display these models.

download LargeModels.zip (2259k)

The large models are now included in the Macintosh (OSX) HolliDance version and 32 and 64 bit PC versions. If HolliDance renders too slow on these versions, try installing the smaller models.

download SmallModels.zip (740k)

Note: HolliDance version 1.8 or higher needs a couple of new textures to properly display these models. If you have already downloaded the models, you can get just the textures here.

download ModelTextures.zip (123k)

Meet Holli's friends!

64k 51k 54k

They can dance in the new HolliDance version 1.6 and higher. They are included in the Macintosh (OSX) HolliDance version and 32 and 64 bit PC versions. They, along with Holli, will also be featured in a new project that I'm developing.

download ReneeModel.zip (476k)

download LargeReneeModel.zip (1539k)

download SusanModel.zip (474k)

download LargeSusanModel.zip (1553k)

download PennyModel.zip (399k)

download LargePennyModel.zip (1320k)

Holli's even got a new outfit. You can see her wear it in HolliDance version 1.6 and higher. It is also included in the Macintosh (OSX) HolliDance version and 32 and 64 bit PC versions.


download HolliHModel.zip(428k)

download LargeHolliHModel.zip(1432k)

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