HolliDance for Silicon Graphics

download HolliDanceSGI for IRIX 6.3 - 6.5 (version 1.6) (899k)

download HolliDanceSGI for IRIX 5.3 - 6.2 (version 1.0) (453k)

The new HolliDance 1.6 features an advanced user interface, new statistics options, more rendering optings including 2D shadows, additional club props, and user preference saving. It is also compatible with higher density models, additional costumes for Holli, and additional dancers. These items can be downloaded from the main HolliDance directory.

On the SGI, Holli can dance to live (played through the audio ports) music. In theory, all of the SGI native audio sources should be supported including ADAT.

The new version was compiled on IRIX 6.5, but should also run on IRIX 6.3 and 6.4. HolliDance is compiled to the mips3 standard and should work with R4000's and above. HolliDance requires at least 12 bit TrueColor Xwindow visuals with double buffering. HolliDance for IRIX 5.x to 6.2 IRIX SGI's is available now as a seperate download. Because the IRIX 6.3+ audio library is required for music input, Holli will dance in silence in the IRIX 5 version.

HolliDance now supports a wide variety of rendering options. Turning everything on will cause the program to run slow on older SGI's. Users can speed things up by reducing the number of spot lights, empting the club of props, and using the smaller resolution models that come with the program. The new version uses Open GL 1.1's mesh extensions which should speed things up a bit. For this reason, frame rate comparisons should be performed with the same HolliDance version.


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