My computer art

29th edition (HolliDance for Macintosh OSX and updated PC version)


Welcome to my personal gallery. Here, you will find the results of several of my computer art projects. Here is a sample of what I have made so far ...


Here is one of my
'Cell' drawings.
Cell drawing of Holli in a lake321k

Here is a 3D version.
3D rendering of Holli in a lake89k
Here is a photo of Holli.
Photo of Holli in her lake drawing bikini107k
This is a frame from
my first animation.
A frame from my first animation46k

For more details on my various projects, check out these pages!

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I've designed this website to use the free VLC plugin for convenient viewing of animations, but it is not required. These movies may also be downloaded for separate viewing on any compatible player. This site contains no frames or Java code.

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