RC models

These models are 1/7th scale versions of Diamond's Extreme and Katana airplanes.

Holli is flying the Extreme motor glider. It's powered by a 4 stroke 0.40 OS engine. The real version is powered by a 114hp 4 stroke Rotax 914 engine. It has a 55ft wing span that provides a 1:28 glide ratio.

Renee's bright red hair matches her Katana. It's powered by a 2 stroke 0.25 OS engine. The real version is powered by a 80hp 4 stroke Rotax 912 engine. The Katana is based on the motor glider and has a 1:14 glide ratio.

These model kits came from KAM in Canada. Unfortunately, they are no longer available.

I haven't flown these models yet, but I got my pilot's license in the Katana. It's a great airplane and I was lucky enough to buy one of my own.

384k 433k 411k
410k 280k 604k
376k 697k 802k
467k 474k 303k
499k 349k 279k

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