Holli photos

Here are some photo's of Holli. That's right...she's real! Actually, she's modeled on a custom full size silicon mannequin. I've even been able to find or have custom made copies the clothes she already wore in drawings.

I never thought I'd get to photograph Holli!

158k 128k 104k 125k 107k 135k 132k 101k 185k 89k 100k 100k 103k 91k 82k 81k 143k 88k 170k 175k 156k 139k 147k

133k 128k 120k 119k 115k 123k 133k 129k 132k 120k 116k 99k 116k 142k 127k 132k 114k 133k 117k 122k 111k 158k 121k 114k 118k 105k 141k 144k 145k 146k 146k 154k 159k 188k 217k

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