HolliDance for Windows

The Windows version is curently the most enhanced. Recent changes to Nvidia graphics drivers require me to split HolliDance into two versions.

download 32 bit HolliDancePC32 (version 1.9.1) (11577k)

download 64 bit HolliDancePC64 (version 1.9.1) (15600k)

The 32 bit version is the standard 1.9 version minus the ray tracing option since Nvidia's Optix library now only works with 64 bit applications.

The 64 bit version version has real time ray tracing, but lacks CG (GPU scanline) rendering since Nvidia's CG library is no longer supported and only works in 32 bit applications. Virtual reality is also missing in the 64 bit version of HolliDance since a required vendor library is not available for 64 bit applications.

The above explanation is rather technical. I'll try explain better below. If you are not familiar with the concepts, just try the each version of HolliDance to see which one works best with your PC.

For many years, 3D artists have had to choose between Ray Tracing and Scan Line rendering. Ray Tracing provides the most photorealistic results, but had been far too computationally expensive for real time display. Ray traces took hours in the 1990's and even days in the 1980's.

Modern graphics cards have become so fast that it's possible to ray trace in real time! This version of HolliDance fullfills a dream I've had to add real time ray tracing. In order to see ray tracing in HolliDance, you'll need the 64 bit version (see above) and an OptiX /CUDA compatible graphics card. In the future, I'll make a HolliDance version that removes the requirement for a specific video card vendor.

The 32 bit HolliDance (see above) still supports the GPU enhanced, shader based scan line rendering for older graphics cards. This render technology supports full 3D shadows and per pixel lighting. Both 32 and 64 bit versions also support basic rendering for maximum compatibility with older cards. Holli should dance on a wide variety of Windows versions. It has a very simple install and doesn't enter your operation system files. Just unpack the downloaded file and run it where ever you want.

This version supports stereoscopic rendering, but only for Nvidia Quadro cards. Only these cards support OpenGL 'quad buffering' which is needed for stereoscopic 3D. These cards are more expensive but older versions are quite affordable on Ebay. I use 3D glasses to view stereo 3D, but these days there are several options.

New to the 32 bit version is Virtual Reality (VR) support. I made my own VR set from a Sony head display and a separate head tracker. Read this for details.

On windows, Holli can dance to live music on PC's with sound cards that input sound. She also now has her own music player that she can dance to. If you have a compatible Virtual Reality headset, her player plays music in 3D.

Unfortunately, PC compatible computers, these days, are not always compatible with each other. This is especially true for multimedia programs like HolliDance. I have tried to make the PC version of HolliDance reliable, but there are too many variations in different manufacturers' audio and video drivers. Chances are your computer may be just too different from mine and HolliDance won't work correctly.


Here's a sample from an upcoming version with enhanced dancing.


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